Missing Works

For the annotated checklist of paintings by Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) I am in search of the following paintings (illustrated below).

The following titles are descriptive: “Newfoundland Harbor,” “Greenland,” and “Long Island Boat,” the others are actual titles.

If you own or know the whereabouts of artwork by Rockwell Kent (1882-1971), I would be pleased to hear from you. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call (315) 542-1643.

It will be most helpful if you can provide a photograph — digital or otherwise.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Winter/Summer Greenland
Missing Works – Winter/Summer Greenland
Windy Day
Missing Works – Windy Day
Newfoundland Harbor
Missing Works – Newfoundland Harbor
Missing Works – Greenland
The Voyageur Beyond Life
Missing Works – The Voyageur Beyond Life
Glen Lough
Missing Works – Glen Lough
Missing Works – Corn
Missing Works – Superman
Long Island Boat
Missing Works – Long Island Boat
Dory Adrift
Missing Works – Dory Adrift