Welcome to the website of Scott R Ferris, specialist in the art of Rockwell Kent (1882-1971).

I am compiling an annotated checklist of Kent’s paintings and an archive of his oeuvre (one segment of the checklist – the Alaska paintings – can be viewed at rockwellkentpaintings.com).

As you will read elsewhere within this site, I am a researcher, writer and lecturer on Kent, and I have served as a curator or consultant for numerous Kent exhibitions.

The purpose of this website is to present the reader with information about American artist, author and sociopolitical activist Rockwell Kent through works I have created or am able to share. This information will come in the form of essays that I have published, through new essays and observations that I will offer here for the first time, and via links to other sources on Kent’s life and work, or related works.

Kent scholar Scott R Ferris discusses famed Adirondack artist Rockwell Kent

May it be known that I am also very interested in obtaining information, including photography, regarding artwork by Rockwell Kent that I have not yet catalogued. Included within this website are images of artwork, especially paintings, that I am currently in search of.

SUNY Plattsburgh Curator Scott Ferris on Rockwell Kent Exhibit

This web page is not intended to be an end-all resource for everything on Kent. There are many resources on the Internet, and elsewhere, on this topic. Where this site will differ is that the content will focus more on the esoteric: not the least of which will include exploring aspects of Kent’s work that has not been thoroughly examined; considering how Kent’s work relates to other artists; or explorations into the world of “other” Rockwell Kent’s — artist by the same name, or Kent want-to-be’s, for example.

And in summation, I wish to let the reader know that I can be a research vessel for your questions regarding Kent’s life and work. I do contract for general inquiries as well as for literary and curatorial projects. As I am not funded for this purpose — publicly or privately — it should be clear that I do charge for these services. Lastly, I, along with my colleagues Susan Muniak and Arnold Skolnick (Chameleon Books), are the copyright holders of the images that we created and are depicted in our book, Rockwell Kent’s Forgotten Landscapes, and we do license the use of these images, should you wish to inquire.

Many thanks for viewing my website.

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